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Factory Service Manuals
with Schematics:

Wire Recorder Service Manuals
Vintage Tape Recorder
Service Manuals and Schematics


Tape Recorder Service Manuals Tape Recorder schematics and diagrams for the manufacturer's models listed below are published service data from vintage sources*. Each service manual with schematics is individually digitized in high resolution to provide the clearest possible scan in a downloadable, printable, Adobe PDF file. Most of these Tape Recorder service files are typically between 2 to 6 pages for the oldest models to 8 to 15 pages of service information for the later models.

Download instructions are sent via email typically
within 24 hours but please allow 1 to 2 business days.

Some files listed below are available for instant download
by clicking on the Instant Download arrow after the item.

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Vintage Tape Recorder Service Files Available:
Aircastle 795.880
Ampex 400A, 401A
Ampex 600
Ampex 612
Ampex 952
Ampex 954
Ampex 960
Ampex 1250Instant Download Available - Click Here
Ampex 1260Instant Download Available - Click Here
Ampex 1270Instant Download Available - Click Here
Ampex 2012Instant Download Available - Click Here
Ampex A121
Ampex A122
Ampex A124
Ampex A621
Ampex A692
Ampro 730
Ampro 745 Career
Ampro 755, 756
Ampro 757, 757A
Bell & Howell 300B, 300M, 300S
Bell & Howell 770
Bell & Howell 775G-1
Bell & Howell 775G-10
Bell Sound 601
Bell Sound 603
Bell Sound BT-205IB
Bell Sound BT-205OB
Bell Sound RT-204
Bell Sound RT-75
Bell Sound T-347
Berlant BR-1
Brush BK401
Brush BK403
Brush BK416
Brush BK-437, BK-437S
Brush BK-439, BK-441
Brush BK-442, BK-443P
Brush BK-455P
Columbia (Bell & Howell) 350
Columbia (Bell & Howell) 355
Colunbia 461
Columbia 462
Columbia Records 560
Columbia Records 560A
Concertone 220
Concertone 400
Concertone 401
Concertone 1401
Crescent 900 Series
Crescent 2900
Crescent 9037
Crescent TR-672
Crescent TR-673
Crestwood CP201
Crestwood 304
Crestwood 400, 401, 402
Crestwood 404
Crown Gold Crown Series
DeJur TK820
DeJur TMB-820
Dixie-Land 110
Dukane 11A55FF, 11B55
Dukane 11A75
Dukane 11A200
Eicor 230
Eicor 400
Eicor 1000
Eico RP-100W
Ekotape 101-8, 101-9, 102-9, 103-B
Ekotape 109, 110, 111, 112
Ekotape 114, 115, 116, 117
Ekotape 212
Ekotape 205, 206 Ekotape 250
Ekotape 251
Ekotape 252
Ekotape 253
Ekotape 254
Ekotape 255
Ekotape 260
Ekotape 261
Ellamac Language Master
Federal 37-B
F-M-E Federal 37-C, 47-A
Geloso G255-S
General Industries 250 Tape/Disk Recorder
Grundig Majestic TK5
Grundig Majestic TK8/3D
Grundig Majestic TK820
Grundig Majestic TK8E
Grundig Majestic TM8
Grundig Majestic TM8E
Grundig Majestic TM8U
Hitachi TRQ-370
International Electronics PT3
Knight 20HF280
Knight 35DU806
Knight 96-144
Knight 96-485
Knight 96-499
Knight 96-590
Knight 96RX635
Knight 96RX676
Knight 96RZ940
Knight 99RZ177
Knight 99RZ936
Knight KN4010 (91RZ750)
Knight KN4020 (91RZ751)
Knight KN-4110
Knight KN-4200
Korting ME114
Korting MT158S
Magnavox Tape Recorders Here
Magnecord Audiad AD-1R
Magnecord F-35B
Magnecord M-30, M-33, M-34
Magnecord PT6-6A
Magnecord PT6-6J
Magnecord PT6-A, AH, AHX, AX
Magnecord PT63-A, AH, AHX, AX
Magnecord PT6-J
Magnecord S-36B
Masco D37R
Masco 52, 52C, 52CR
Masco 52L, 52LR, 52R
Masco 375
Masco 500
Mitchell 1290
Mitchell 1425A
Nutone 2405
Pentron CT-1
Pentron HF-400
Petron HT-225
Petron PB-1, PB-A2
Pentron T-90
Petron TR-4
Petron 9T3
Petron 9T3-C
RCA Victor 6-HFT-1
RCA Victor 7-TR-2
RCA Victor 7-TR3
RCA Victor 8-TR-2
RCA Victor 8-TR-3
RCA SRT-301, MI-15910
RCA SRT-301, MI-15917
RCA SRT-401, SRT-402
RCA Victor TR-1
RCA Victor TR-1A
RCA Victor TR-2A-1
RCA Victor TR-2A-2
Reelest C1A
Revere M-2
Revere T11
Revere T-100
Revere T-700D
Revere T-900, T-1100
Revere T-70153, T-70157, T-70163, T-70167
Revere T-70253, T-70257, T-70263
Revere T-70267, T-77153, T-77157
Revere T-77163, T-77167
Revere T-77253, T-77257
Revere T-77263, T-77267
Revere TR-800D
Revere TR-1000, TR-1200
Revere TRS-1005, TRS-1025, TRS-1026
Revere TRS-1205, TRS-1225, TRS-1226
Revere TS-905, TS-925, TS-926
Revere TS-1105, TS-1125, TS-1126
Revere TS-1405, TS-1425, TS-1426
Sears/Silvertone 3230
Sears/Silvertone 3070, 567.240, 567.35001
Sears/Silvertone 4070, 567.34001, 567.35001
Sears/Silvertone 4072, 567.34000, 567.35000
Sears/Silvertone 6070 567.34002, 567.35006
Sears/Silvertone 6072, 567.34003, 567.35002
Sears/Silvertone 6074
Sears/Silvertone 7074
Sears/Silvertone 8070
Sears/Silvertone 8072
Sears/Silvertone 528.5801
Sears/Silvertone 528.58011
Sears/Silvertone 528.5803
Sears/Silvertone 528.58031
Sears/Silvertone 528.582
Sears/Silvertone 528.5904
Sears/Silvertone 528.59041
Sears/Silvertone 528.59061
Sylvania 4901
Symphonic BR-1200
Symphonic R-1200
Tape Master PT-121
Tape Master PT-125
Tape Recorders Inc. 110 (Dixieland)
Tape Recorders Inc. 220 (Continental)
TDC Sterotone 130
Telectro-Tape A
Telectro-Tape 556
Telectro 1960
Telectro SS-132
Tower 4691
Viking FF75 series
V-M Voice of Music 700
V-M Voice of Music 710
V-M Voice of Music 711
V-M Voice of Music 735
V-M Voice of Music 750
Webster-Chicago (Webcor) 140, 141
Webcor 210
Webcor 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024
Webcor 2611, 2612
Webcor 2718
Webcor 2719
Webcor 2810
Webcor 2812
Webcor 2816
Webcor 2819
Webcor 2820
Webcor 2820-1C
Webcor 2822
Webcor 2892
Webcor 2896
Webcor 2910
Webcor 2923
Webcor 2950
Webcor 2955
Webcor E-2020, T-2020
Webcor EP-2104
Webcor EP-2207-1
Webcor EP-2250-1
Webcor EP-2300-1
Webster Electric Ekotape
Westinghouse H-21R
Westinghouse H-22RS
Westinghouse H-24RS
Wilcox-Gay 3A10, 3A11
Wilcox-Gay 3C10 Tape/Disk Recorder
Wilcox-Gay 3F10
Wilcox-Gay 4A10
Wilcox-Gay 4B10, 4F10
Wilcox-Gay 5F series
Wilcox-Gay 5U series
Wilcox-Gay 375
Wilcox-Gay 651
Wilcox-Gay 674
Wilcox-Gay 750
Wollensak T-1500Instant Download Available - Click Here
Wollensak T-1580

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* Schematics offered here are digitized in high resolution from early service publications specifically for servicing tape recorders manufactured through 1963. Each file is digitized individually from the original publication and checked to provide the clearest diagram possible from the original printing.

Please Note: The data and files offered here are from vintage sources that are no longer published. There is no guarantee of the accuracy of any information offered. It is solely up to the end user to decide that the information and files offered here are accurate and fit for use with their equipment. I am not responsible for any loss or damages that may be incurred from the use of this information.

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