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Factory Service Manuals
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I stock factory service manuals and schematics for antique tube radios and vintage transistor radios manufactured from the 1920s through 1963. Factory service manuals and schematics available here as downloads may be purchased securely on-line using any major credit card. This saves you days of waiting for a response from other sources, waiting for your mailed payment to be received, and waiting additional days for a copy. Most customers prefer the download PDF versions as they arrive faster and can be viewed or printed on your computer. Once your order is completed you will receive an email usually the same day or the next day depending on what time your order is placed with a link to download your file (but please allow one to two business days).

For Classic car restorers I have begun listing auto radio schematics on a seprate site. This will help in finding service information for restoring vintage, antique, and classic automobile radios. This new Auto Radio section can be found at www.AutoRadioSchematics.com.

You can now order original printed versions of many factory service manuals, service publications, and Photofacts from my library. These are original service manuals, schematics, and service publications, not copies. Delivery of these original hard copies will usually be via U.S. Mail.

Files purchased here for download are available in PDF format and are individually scanned in high resolution. This helps to make sure you receive a readable file. You can rotate and zoom in to a PDF file for clearer viewing or print out any pages on your printer.
Select the manufacturer at the left and view the list to see if the factory service information for your model is currently available as a download. If the manufacturer is not listed at the left select "More Schematics" to view a list of basic schematics available for thousands of additional models. Select the Manufacturer or Brand of radio you need. If the model you need the schematic for is listed, just enter or select the model number and click the "Add To Cart" button. Please allow one or two business days to receive your download instructions by email but in many cases, you will receive the download instructions the same day or the next day depending on what time your order is placed.

IMPORTANT: If your model is not listed contact me. I have thousands of models not listed yet in my inventory and more service manuals arrive every month.
If you are looking for particular service data on any model such as a dial string diagram, tube voltages, etc. feel free to contact me before you make your purchase to see if the file contains the particular data you are looking for.

The "Basic Schematic index" is new with hundreds of manufacturer's and thousands of models listed. More brands and models are added on a regular basis. Once you find your manufacturer and model listed, select or enter the model number in the order box and click the "Add To Cart" button, you will be taken to a secure check-out page where you can pay via credit card or your PayPal account. All transactions are processed through PayPal. I do not receive any of your credit card information. If you need schematics for additional models just click the "Continue Shopping" button.

Please Note: Some of the early models listed in the "Manufacturers" section and all the schematics listed in the "Other Manufacturers" section may only contain one or two pages of information. Most of the models listed in the "Manufacturers" section contain much more. Many of these manufacturer's schematics were provided to other publishers for reprinting although most listed under "Service Manuals" here contain more service information than was supplied to other publishers. Many of the early schematics were hand drawn and manufacturer's supplied only a schematic with the parts listed on the schematic itself. Others such as Philco, RCA Victor, and GE frequently supplied the schematic with many pages of diagrams and service information (Service Manual or Bulletin). Please see the manufacturer's page for a description of the information provided for that manufacturer.

Digital files purchased here are for use by the original purchaser only and may not be redistributed or resold. Downloads are not refundable once they are digitized and download email is sent. If you make a mistake or have additional questions I will work with you to help you get the right file. By purchaseing these files you agree to these terms.

Important: This site is run by Steve Johnson. Please make sure your spam filter will not block email from the domain stevenjohnson.com. Use the "Contact" button above if you have questions, or reply to the email with the download link you receive if you have any problems downloading your file.

AOL, MSN, HOTMAIL, AND YAHOO USERS: AOL, Hotmail, and Yahoo frequently block the email containing the download instructions. Make sure you authorize email from stevenJohnson.com and check your junk mail folders. If you have not received your download instructions within two business days contact me by phone at (315)282-7931.

If your manufacturer or model is not listed here, contact me. I stock over 500,000 radio schematics from many sources for antique and vintage U.S. and Canadian radios from the 1920s through 1980.

Disclaimer - We make no warranty of any kind with regard to the content or quality of these vintage manuals digitized from the original publications. The content is subject to change without notice and we will not be responsible for any mistakes found in the manuals, publications, index, or files offered here. All the trademarks in these documents and web site are registered by their respective owners. All the brand and product names are trademarks of their respective companies.
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