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After payment you may download files listed in the categories below instantly. You will also receive an email with the download link. Popular and most requested factory service manuals and schematics are added here weekly.

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Photofact Service Manuals 1946-1960s, over 2,300 Instant Downloads TheSchematicMan.com

The files offered here are digitized in high resolution from the original factory service documents. I stock over 500,000 schematics for hundreds of radio manufacturers. Each radio schematic is digitized individually and checked to provide the clearest diagram possible from the original printing.

The data and files offered here are from vintage sources that are no longer published. There is no guarantee of the accuracy of any information offered. It is solely up to the end user to decide that the information and files offered here are accurate and fit for use with their equipment. I am not responsible for any loss or damages that may be incurred from the use of this information.
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