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Factory Service Manuals
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NOTE:   If you are contacting me about receiving file download instructions, as stated on the order pages and the "About" page, it may take one or two business days for files to be digitized and download instructions sent via email. More Info

I can be contacted by:

  • Phone: (315) 282-7931    (M-F 10am - 4pm EST)

  • US Mail: Steve Johnson, PO Box 1, Elbridge NY 13060
    (Make checks or money orders payable to "Steve Johnson")
Before you contact me:
99% of your questions can be answered by reading the
entire item description at the top of the order page!
  • When will I receive the schematic?
  • Are you sending it by mail or download/PDF?
  • Is it an original or a copy?

Please reply to the email you receive with the download link if you have any problems downloading your file. Make sure your spam filter will not block email from the domain


Make sure the email address you supply is correct or you will not receive the email with the link to download your files! If the email address PayPal has is incorrect, send me an email after placing your order with your correct email address.

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