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Factory Service Manuals
with Schematics:

Meissner Factory Service Manuals - Schematics
Meissner Manufacturing Company - Mt. Carmel, Illinois USA

Meissner Factory Service Manuals

Meissner Factory Service Manuals:
These are the assembly instructions for kits (where applicable), schematics, wiring diagrams, parts lists and service notes along with alignment data where applicable, scanned in high resolution directly from the original Meissner Factory Service Notes. Each file contains a minimum of schematics and notes and are typically two to six pages of service data. If your Meissner model is not listed below contact me for schematic availability. It normally takes up to 24 hours to receive the download instructions via email but please allow 1 - 2 business days.

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Meissner Service Manuals Available:
10-1103 Broadcast 7 - Seven Tube Broadcast Receiver
10-1103, 12-1022 7 Tube AC Utility Receiver
10-1104 BC and SW Broadcast and Shortwave Receiver
10-1104, 12-1023 7 Tube BC and Shortwave Receiver
10-1105 4 Tube AC-DC TRF BC Band Receiver
10-1106 5 Tube T.R.F. BC Band Receiver
10-1106 Five Tube AC T.R.F. Receiver
10-1110, 12-1024 7 Tube Police and Shortwave Receiver
10-1111, 12-1025 7 Tube Longwave and Shortwave Receiver
10-1116, 10-11164, 12-1026 8 Tube Combination Receiver
10-1129, 10-1168, 12-1027 Custom All-Wave 9 Receiver
10-1152 Hi-Fi PA Tuner
10-1156, 10-1166, 12-1028 Custom 12 Receiver
10-1161 One Tube Midget Receiver
10-1162 Two Tube Midget Receiver
10-1163 Three Tube Midget Receiver
10-1169, 10-1170, 12-1029 Traffic Scout Communications Receiver
10-1174 Traffic Master 14 Tube Communication Receiver
10-1189, 10-1190, 12-1031 AC-DC Battery Portable
10-1191 5 Tube AC-DC Superhet BC Band Receiver
10-1191-A Five Tube AC-DC Superheterodyne Broadcast Band Receiver
10-1192 Two Tube AC-DC Midget Receiver
10-1193 Three Tube AC-DC Midget Receiver
10-1199 AC-DC Six Tube Broadcast and Shortwave Receiver
10-6350 Beat Frequency Oscillator Adapter
10-6380 Wireless Phonograph Oscillator
10-7516 Noise Sliencer Adapter
13-7610, 13-7612 Tuning Unit and Multi-Wave Coil
13-7614 Tuning Unit and Multi-Wave Coil Assembly
2BK Receiver
2-CW Transmitter
3BK AC-DC Receiver
4A, 4AJ, 4AK Power Amplifier
6BK 3 Band AM Receiver
8BT AM-FM Tuner
8C, 8CK FM Receiver
9-1006 Signal Calibrator
9-1031 Signal Booster
9-1033, 10-1119, 10-1178 Utility Public Address Tuner
9-1034, 10-1152, 10-1172 Hi-Fi Public Address Tuner
9-1035, 10-1151, 10-1171 Dual Band Public Address Unit
9-1043, 9-1044 Signal Spotter
9-1045 Portable Phono Recorder
9-1047A Frequency Modulation Receptor
9-1053, 9-1054 FM-AM Receiver
9-1065 Radio Phono Recorder
9-1077, 9-1078, 9-1079, 9-1080 DeLuxe Signal Shifter
9-1091-C AM-FM Tuner
9-1093 AM-FM Receiver
EX Signal Shifter
T-32W10 T-32W00 Phono Tuner, Amplifier, Pre-Amplifier
T4EK T.R.F. Tuner (Parts List, Instructions, Dial String Diagram, and Wiring Diagram)
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The files offered here are digitized in high resolution from the original factory service documents. I stock over 500,000 schematics for hundreds of manufacturers. Each radio schematic is digitized individually and checked to provide the clearest diagram possible from the original printing.

The data and files offered here are from vintage sources that are no longer published. There is no guarantee of the accuracy of any information offered. It is solely up to the end user to decide that the information and files offered here are accurate and fit for use with their equipment. I am not responsible for any loss or damages that may be incurred from the use of this information.

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