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Factory Service Manuals
with Schematics:

Philco Record Changer Service Manuals

Voice of Music Service Manuals

Zenith Cobra-Matic Service Manuals
Pre World War II Record Changer
and Record Recorder Service Manuals

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Vintage Record Changers and Cutters Pre World War II models listed below are published service data from vintage sources*. Each service manual is individually digitized in high resolution to provide the clearest possible scan in a downloadable, printable, Adobe PDF file.

Many of these early Record Changer and Record Recorder/Cutter service files contain operating instructions as well as service data. Files range from 2 to 8 or more pages of service information and diagrams. Most of the service information contained in these files was originally supplied by the manufacturer.

Download instructions are sent via email usually
within 24 hours but please allow 1 to 2 business days.

To order, select the manufacturer and model number from the drop down list below.
If a model is not listed, check the manufacturer's link on the left side of this page. For Record Changers manufactured after World War II also check the Photofact Service Manual Index
for your model at TheSchematicMan.com.


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Vintage Recorder Changers and Record Recorder/Cutter
Service Files Available:

Admiral RC50 Record Changer
Admiral RC51 Record Changer
Admiral RC52 Record Changer
Admiral RC53 Record Changer
Bogen 16RC Recording System
Bogen 16RP Recording System
Bogen 212RC Recording System
Bogen 212RP Recording System
Bogen RA10 Recording System
Bogen RA6 Recording System
Capehart/Farnsworth 16E Record Changer
Capehart/Farnsworth P-2, P3 Record Changer
Capehart/Farnsworth P41, P44 Record Changer
Capehart/Farnsworth S30 Record Changer
Crosley 33BG Recorder
Detrola N-100, N-200 Record Changer
Fairchild 199, 220, Model 3 Recording System
Fairchild 214-3, 214-3A Record Cutter
Fairchild 227 Turntable
Fairchild 295 Amplifier
Fairchild F29-2, F29-3 Recording System
Farichild F26-2, F26-3 Recording System
Fairchild 219-2 Amplifier
Federal Recorder - 12LP Little Pro Amplifire
Federal Recorder - 306 Changer/Cutter
Galvin B2RC, B3RC, B4RC Changers
Garrard RC-10, RC-11 Record Changers
Garrard RC1a, RC2A Record Changers
Garrard RC4, RC5 Record Changers
Garrard RC-50, RC-50C Record Changers
Garrard RC-50X, RC-51X Record Changers
Garrard RC-51, RC-51X Record Changers
Garrard RC6, RC8 Record Changers
General Electric (GE) E-129 Record Changer
General Electric (GE) F-109, FE-119, FES-119 Changer
General Electric (GE) JM-6 Player/Recorder
General Electric (GE) K, L, 17 Record Changers
General Electric (GE) LC-608 Record Changer
General Electric (GE) LRP-158 Record Changer
General Electric (GE) LRP-160 Record Changer
General Electric (GE) LRP-162 Record Changer
General Electric T18J967-4 Changer (for GE H-79, H-118, HJ-119)
More General Electric Models
General Industries C120, C120L Record Changer
General Industries C125, C125L Record Changer
General Industries R70, R70L Record Cutter
General Industries R90, R90L Record Cutter
General Industries RC-130, RC-130L Record Changer/Cutter
General Instrument 101, 102 Record Changer
General Instrument 201, 202, 203 Record Changer
Howard Radio 220 Series Record Changer
Howard Radio 302R, 302RT (Late) Recorder
Howard Radio 302RA (Late), 568R, GIR-70 Recorder
Howard Radio 302RA (Late), 568RA, GIR-70 Recorder
Magnavox M-61, M-71 Record Changer
Magnavox RC-10, RC-11 Record Changer
Magnavox RC-30, RC-31 Record Changer
Magnavox RC-4, RC-5, RC-6, RC-8 Record Changer
Magnavox RC-40, RC-41 Record Changer
Magnavox RC-50, 50C, 50X, Record Changer
Magnavox RC-50, RC-50C, RC-50X Record Changer
Magnavox RC-51, 51C, 51X, Record Changer
Magnavox RC-51, RC-51C, RC-51X Record Changer
More Magnavox Models
Montgomery Ward 14WG-499 Record Maker
New Products 220, 221, 223 Record Changer
New Products 300 Series, 301 Record Changer
New Products 320, 321, 323 Record Changer
Oak Mfg. Co. 10 inch/12 inch Record Changer
Perpetuum-Ebner Rex Deluxe
Philco 35-1108 (L) Record Changer
Philco 35-1169 Record Changer
Philco 35-1176 Record Changer
Philco 35-1178 Record Changer
Philco 35-1180 Record Changer
Philco 35-1234, 35-1236 Record Changer
Philco 35-1241, 35-1259, 35-1261 Record Changer
Philco 35-1267, 35-1270, 35-1271 Record Changer
Philco 35-1285, 35-1286, 35-1289 Record Changer
Philco 35-1293 Record Changer
Philco 4585, 4586 Record Changer
Philco HR-1 Home Recording Unit (Cutter)
More Philco Models
Presto 85, 85E Recorder (Record Cutter)
Presto E, 16X, Recorder (Record Cutter)
Presto EU7, EU7E Recorder (Record Cutter)
Presto J5 Recorder (Record Cutter)
Presto K Recorder (Record Cutter)
Presto Model D Compac Recorder (Record Cutter)
Publishers Service PRP-1, PRP-2 Record Player
Radio Products RC50, RC51, RC52, RC53 Record Changer
RCA 10-35, 10-69 Automatic Victrola
RCA 9-54, 9-56 Automatic Victrola
RCA 9-55, 10-50, 10-51, 10-70 Automatic Victrola
RCA MI-12700, MI-12700-A Disk Recorders
RCA MI-12701, MI-12702 Record Cutter Head
RCA MI-4815, MI-4819, MI-4820, MI-4821 Recording Mechanism
RCA MI-4822-B, MI-4822-C Portable Player/Recorder
RCA MI-4824-B, MI-4824-C Portable Player/Recorder
RCA MI-4831 Portable Record Player
RCA RP-139B Record Changer
RCA RP-145E Record Changer
RCA RP-152A, B, C, D, J Record Changer
More RCA Victor Models
REK-O-KUT R12, R16, Record Cutting Arm
Sears 101.205, 101.206, 101.207 Record Changer
Sears 101.208, 101.210 Record Changer
Sears 101.340, 101.341 Record Changer
Sears 101.584, 101.584-1,-2,-3 Record Changer
Sears 101.584-4, 010.584-5 Record Changer
Sears 6346, 6346A, 6446, 6446A Record Changer
More Sears Silvertone Models
Seeburg Model B Record Changer
Seeburg Model BR Record Changer (Later-Modified)
Seeburg Model C Record Changer
Seeburg Model J (Early) Record Changer
Seeburg Model J, JM (Late) Record Changer
Seeburg Model JR (Early) Record Changer
Seeburg Model JR (Late) Record Changer
Speak-O-Phone Model 100 Recorder Schematic
Speak-O-Phone Model 100A Recorder Schematic
Speak-O-Phone Model 1-50 Recorder Schematic
Speak-O-Phone Model 1-52 Recorder Schematic
Stromberg-Carlson Model 2 Multi-Record Phonograph Unit
Stromberg-Carlson Model 5, 6, 7, 9 Multi-Record Phonograph Unit
Voice of Music (VM) Service Manuals
Webster-Chicago (Webcor) Model 11 Record Changer
Webster-Chicago (Webcor) Model 21, AC-21, AC-DC 21J Changer
Webster-Chicago (Webcor) Model 210 Record Changer
Webster-Chicago (Webcor) Model 22, 24 Record Changer
Webster-Chicago (Webcor) Model 23 Record Changer
Webster-Chicago (Webcor) Model 25 Recording Arm Only
Webster-Chicago (Webcor) Model 40 Record Changer
Webster-Chicago (Webcor) Model 41 Record Changer
More Webster/Webcor Models
Zenith Record Changers

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* Service Manuals offered here are digitized in high resolution from early service publications specifically for servicing Record Changers and Recorders manufactured before World War II. Each file is digitized individually from the original publication and checked to provide the clearest diagram possible from the original printing.

Please Note: The data and files offered here are from vintage sources that are no longer published. There is no guarantee of the accuracy of any information offered. It is solely up to the end user to decide that the information and files offered here are accurate and fit for use with their equipment. I am not responsible for any loss or damages that may be incurred from the use of this information.

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