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Original Factory Service Manuals and Schematics
RCA, Zenith, GE, Philco, Crosley, Motorola, Marconi, and More!
Tube and Transistor Radios, Record Players, Amplifiers, Tape Recorders, Car Radios

U.S. and Canadian Service Manuals and Schematics
Factory Service Manuals
with Schematics:
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U.S. and Canadian Service Manuals and Schematics
Welcome to "AntoqueRadioSchematics.org"
Here you will find factory service manuals, schematics, and diagrams for thousands of antique tube and vintage transistor radios, auto radios, record players and record changers, tube amplifiers, tape recorders, and more.
The factory service manuals with schematics and diagrams listed by manufacturer at the left are digitized directly from the original factory service manuals and schematics published by the manufacturer. These high resolution files are delivered to you in downloadable, printable, Adobe PDF format. Find and order the original factory service information for your model by selecting from the manufacturers listed at the left.
I also stock thousands of vintage schematics and diagrams for many other Tube and Transistor Radios, Record Players, Tube Amplifiers, Tape Recorders, Car Radios and more. View the list of schematics available for many additional models here.
Service Manuals Record Changers Amplifiers Car Radios
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Classic Car Radio Schematics Tube Amplifier and PA Schematics
Record Changer Service Manuals

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Steve's Antique Technology
Great reproductions (may be the best I've seen)
Harrisburg, NC

Thanks! Not only was that exactly what I was looking for, it was fast.
Randolph, VT

I printed the PDF you provided. The results are perfect. They are very clear, crisp, and readable. Thank you.
Hampton, VA

Your schematics, speed in providing them, and price is excellent. I will continue to buy from you!
Olympia, WA

This is precisely what I needed! The two sets I am restoring have circuitry differences. This version shows those later modifications!
Bristow, VA

Really nice, crisp detail in your schematics! I don't know how you do it, but it sure makes my life easier. Thank you!
Kansas City, MO

What a wonderful service you provide! Thank you so much!
Roseville, CA

I had no trouble downloading the manual on my Mac. They are exactly what I needed.
Smiths Station, AL

Great images.... lots of detail and the dial cord path. Well done and I will come back for certain!
Ontario Canada

The quality of the scan was just wonderful, all pages were clear and easy to see and read.
Gainesville, Florida

The service information and schematics are the best. Nice and clear and full of factory information.
Ocala, FL

Thanks Steve! Your copy is much better than the other one I found online and it includes the phono input stuff.
Cincinnati, OH

Worked perfectly, in fact much more sharp then the originals. Thanks, it will look neat framed next to to my radio.
Toms River, NJ

This is exactly what I was looking for. I'll get to work on the Zenith straightaway!
Burnley, Lancashire UK

I have replaced the capacitors in the Crosley radio and am almost finished for the GE radio. This was in part possible due to the schematics I purchased from you. Thanks
Addison, IL

I just hit my PRINT button, and everything came out beautiful and clear. That's a great data package. Thanks.
Fort Walton Beach, FL

Thanks for the quick response. Everything looks good. It is a great service you offer.
Byron Center, MI

Awesome!!! So happy to have found this. I've been trying to restore this piece for my father for Xmas (his first "guitar" amp)
Minneapolis, MN

The quality and clarity of your copies is unrivaled. Most of the schematics I download from other sites are "blur-o-grams" and you end up need a magnifying glass, a Xenon lamp and a vivid imagination to decipher them. Your schematics are always very clear both on-line and printed. I donít know how you do it, but keep up the good work!
Gladstone, MO

Thanks very much for schematic Steve real nice and quick download from you. - Denham Springs, LA

Thanks for the readable schematic and additional parts list. It was worth the price when compared to the free version I could barely read.
Euless, TX

Beautiful schematic package, exactly what I need!
Seattle, WA

You make me look good to my customers. - Dayton, OH

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